About Astro-Tek Industries LLC

Astro-Tek Industries provides a diversity of products for our customers. We have an experienced staff capable of manufacturing parts and equipment for the aerospace, industrial, entertainment, medical and government industries.Some of our specific capabilities include CNC Machining – Prototype, Tooling, Long and Short Run Production, Weld/ Fabrication – Small to Medium Size Weldments, Structures and Stands and Tooling/Ground Support – Jigs and Fixtures, Aerospace Support Equipment, Ground Support Equipment and Complex Assemblies.

We have a total of 51,840 square feet of manufacturing and office space, 10,000 square feet of yard, and are located in Anaheim, California. We have 78 employees working 2 shifts to support your needs and requirements.

  • Our Vision

    Delivering Excellence.

  • Our Mission

    To deliver excellence in everything we do. We are totally committed to delivering consistent, innovative and high quality engineered solutions.

  • Our Values & Beliefs

    • Excellence- Quality in all that we do
    • Respect-Build Trust, Listen to others
    • Integrity-Act with Honesty, accept accountability
    • Professionalism-Share Skills & Core knowledge

Over 10 years experience

Our team is dedicated to providing our customers with products and services at an unequalled level of quality and craftsmanship. It is our collective goal to be distinguished as the company of choice and become recognized as the “Best in Industry”. Our vision is based on the following goals and commitments:

  • Offer Innovative Products and Service Solutions with Uncompromising Quality.
  • Provide Our Products and Services with Dedication and Flexibility.
  • Deliver Our Products and Services “ON-TIME” Every Time.
  • Provision a Teaming Environment with Our Entire Supply Chain.
  • Demonstrate Our Respect, Integrity and Honesty.
  • Exemplify Affordability, Profitability and Growth.
  • Exhibit Our Commitment to Improvement.
  • Always Maintain a Safe, Clean, and Healthy Work Environment.
  • Repeatedly Proclaim through Our Actions Our Commitment to Customers, Employees, Community and Environment.
  • Continually Balance our Professional and Personal Lives.
  • Consistently adhere to the Above Commitments and Remember our Motto.


Astro-Tek Industries LLC is Orange Counties’ Premier Aerospace Manufacturing Specialist.