Our Electrical and Test Equipment List

Astro-Tek Prides itself in Giving the customer the Very Best. When it comes to Electrical we have some of the best equipment out there for not only Building but also Populating and Testing; Circuit Cards, Test Boxes, Electrical Cabinets, and Wiring Harnesses.

  • Pace Variable Temperature Solder Station. Year 2007
  • Tektronix two channel Oscilloscope. Year 2005
  • BK Precision Dual D.C. Power Supply. Year 2006
  • BK Precision Single D.C. Power Supply. Year 2005
  • Ohmite Decade Resistance Box. Year 2009
  • Micranta Variable D.C. Power Supply. Year 2008
  • 3M 724 E.S.D. Workstation. Year 2009
  • Fluke 87 Multimeter. Year 2007
  • Fluke 77 Miltimeter. Year 2006
  • BK Precision Model 300 Electronic Insulation Tester. Year 2008
  • Kenwood CS-5165 Oscilloscope. Year 2008
  • Philips PM 5131 Function Generator. Year 2008
  • Mastech DC Dual Power Supply. Year 2009
  • Air Science Laminar Clean Air Flow Bench. Year 2012


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