Our Inspection Department

Quality Policy Statement

  • Astro-Tek Industries Quality Management System (QMS) operates within the framework of ISO 9001, AS9100C and our customers’ unique requirements. Our QMS is continuously reviewed for effectiveness and compliance.
  • Astro-Tek management involvement and leadership-by-example philosophy fosters employee dedication and professionalism. Employees take responsibility for quality and are encouraged to contribute to improvement.
  • Astro-Tek’s processes, products and services are continuously improved through training, implementation of innovative ideas, and application of new technologies.
  • Astro-Tek strives to retain the status of “Best in Industry” for quality and reliability of our products and services. Every project, regardless of size, will receive full attention and commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.
  • The Astro-Tek management team recognizes the crucial contribution of each team member to the overall quality of our products, processes and our continuous success.
  • The Owners present Astro-Tek as a quality company with quality products and services. Therefore, we hereby delegate our authority to every member of the team to ensure that we attain the highest standards now and in the future.


Astro-Tek Industries LLC is Orange Counties’ Premier Aerospace Manufacturing Specialist.